Eesti Spring Swing 

14 - 16 April, 2017

Paul Warden (UK)
Paul found dance later in his life than most, not actually taking a formal dance class until he was well into his teen. Unlike most people this small fact would installed of a sense of limitation but to Paul it was just an excuse to give him even more focus. With the a few years Paul was introduced to West coast swing, An introduction that would change his life profoundly. Paul took to WCS very naturally and had soon out grown the depth of his teachers understanding in the UK and Europe.
Paul than begin to travel across America to satisfy his insatiable need for greater experience and understanding. Over the next few years while he passed on his knowledge and experience to a then buddy European WCS community he also began a very successful competition campaign amalgamating in becoming one of the first non-American dances to compete and place in the illustrious Champions division.
His Elegant style, liquid transition an ability to interpret music something while maintaining a deep connection with his partner is something special. Paul stands out as one of the most noticeable dancers International on the social dance floor his experience in teaching west coast swing at all levels for well over a decade makes his classes a must for any budding WCS dancer looking to progress at any level. 
Recently Paul took sabbatical from WCS community but we here at LONDON CITY SWING are very excited to welcome him back and encourage all dancers not to miss this golden opportunity Paul Warden first public workshop in 2 years. Here your chance to learn from one of Europe's Masters.

Douglas Rousar (US)
Doug was born and raised in Wisconsin which is where he has spent most of his life. He has an extensive background in musical theater having held the positions of Actor, Director, Choreographer, Conductor and Producer for many productions. Doug's first love in music was the trumpet where he had the pleasure of playing in Jazz bands, pit orchestras and other community ensembles. Doug went on to attend VanderCook College of Music Education for his music teaching degree. Doug's formal training in dance started when he stumbled upon West Coast Swing in 2001. Since then he has won numerous titles across the country, including US Open Champion. He taught many forms of dance full time from 2005 to present, including ECS, Hustle, Salsa, Night Club 2, Country 2 and of course West Coast Swing. He continues to travel on average 40 weekends a year. 

Since 2012 Doug has traveled the West Coast Swing circuit competing with his classic routine partner Melissa Rollins.

Camille Fumanal-ulysse (FR)
Camille started couple dancing when she was 11, following her mother to swing parties. She tried latin dances and was especially attracted by the social and joyful aspects of salsa. She discovered West Cost Swing by sheer luck in 2010 and got hooked immediatly. The limitless possibilities to mix technique and feelings to express herself made her fall in love with WCS. Constantly trying to grow, she gets inspiration from various sources and continues to build her sensual style around musicality and partnership, sometimes (often?) adding a twist of crazyness. She dances and teaches with the same passion and simplicity and always with a smile! Come to find tips and ways to build your own style!

Daria Komkina & Rake Salo
Once upon a time there were two crazy dancers in the ballroom. As they united to dance a random song they instantly noticed they had something in their connection. A few years later they draw each other in a Jack'n Jill contest and they created probably the most hilarious dance they had ever experienced. Team Rake&Daria was born! He is from Finland, she is from Russia. Totally different, but completely connected. And now they can definitely explain a lot about games in dancing: how to play and how to do this clean, interesting and beautiful.​

Renars Sirotins & Inga Kurcisa

Latvian dance couple, Advanced dancers and leaders of Latvian community.